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Great ideas are born every day, but many times they never make it to fruition. Financial management, legal compliance and documentation, accounting, marketing, and even sales are all important parts of a business that may be overlooked by entrepreneurs that result in their great new idea dying on the vine.

With Idea Orchard, great ideas can find a place to grow and prosper. When a new idea or business is brought to Idea Orchard that idea grows because the business tasks are managed while the project manager is allowed to grow their concept from an inspiration, to reality.

So you want to be an entrepreneur?  You have an idea or a side project that you just know would be successful, if only you were given the opportunity and support?  We get it.


We think of new businesses in the same way you would plan an orchard; what steps should we take, and in what order, to ensure a great harvest with high quality fruit?  Just as when planning an orchard, it is important to think several months or even years ahead.  Mistakes in the overall strategy and business model cannot be easily reversed. Pick the wrong place or time to launch and you might not last a season.


Knowing what to do and when is essential when you start a business. We've been there and we can help you navigate your way to bountiful success. Unfortunately, we cannot actually help you open an orchard, but we can help you start or grow your business.

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Being an entrepreneur is exciting, the pride that comes from launching a new product or service is hard to top.  But it can also be incredibly scary and risky.  The number one reason businesses fail is not the product or service or even the market – it is the lack of proper business management and negligence when it comes to legal compliance and taxes.

 We can help you mitigate that risk and allow all of your focus to be on the product or service you are uniquely qualified to develop. Before launching any business, it is important to assess all the factors that will ultimately lead to the success or failure of the business. Proper business planning includes not just the development of your product or service, but also a thorough analysis of the financial metrics, business model, competitors and market potential.

At Idea Orchard, we are seasoned entrepreneurs who love to plan, strategize and launch new businesses. Through our experience we have learned (sometimes the hard way) that launching a new business involves much more than creating an amazing product or service – you need solid back office administration, marketing and financial management in order to be successful. 

Our mission is to foster and encourage entrepreneurship.  We believe that the greatest and most impactful ideas come from entrepreneurs.  We also believe that there are many would-be entrepreneurs that given the right resources and support, can change the world.

Come join our orchard and grow with us!

bThere is an exciting company that enables businesses to use 360-degree video to sell their products.  As well, personal accounts can be used to allow the 360-video hobbyist to upload raw video and have the 360-degree video rendered and then hosted on our servers.

You can check out bThere by clicking here.

Others coming soon.

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With Idea Orchard, you don’t have to do it alone.

Think of us as your business-savvy co-founders.  We bring a wealth of connections in legal, accounting and fundraising. We do the business “heavy lifting” so you can focus on what you do best.

And not only are we business savvy, we also offer the expertise and guidance from seasoned technology, logistics, management and franchise professionals.  With military-like management discipline, innovative and cutting edge tech strategies and business development pros at the ready, we are your one-stop shop for launching your next venture.


Amy is a dedicated entrepreneur who started her first company, Dogtopia, in 2002. She grew the dog daycare and boarding franchise to 35 locations in the US and Canada and almost twenty million in annual revenue. Not only did she develop a well known and respected brand, she did it an industry that was in its infancy and with a service, dog daycare, that barely existed. She franchised her concept, weathered the recession, and learned many many lessons along the way. She also developed a love for technology and the role it can play in improving service delivery and efficiency. She knew that her next foray would be in tech, and when she exited Dogtopia in June 2015, she set out to do just that. Idea Orchard was developed to not just bring new products and services to market, but to help more idea generators and inventors become entrepreneurs. She believes in the power of entrepreneurship and in leveling the playing field for all would-be entrepreneurs to pursue their dream. 


David is a experienced entrepreneur and technologist. Starting his first company in 1995 doing design, marketing and websites for Les Brown, DHL and others while studying Industrial Design. At the same time he began creating architectural and animated 3D for marketing high-end products including Big Dog Motorcycles and successful real estate companies. He spent 20 years working in tech as a senior research architect for companies including Microsoft working on Search, Natural Language and Speech Recognition, Anti-Spam and Phishing, Image Recognition and other massive scale machine learning projects. He was VP of Technology for AdReady building digital advertising tools for social and real-time bidding engines and was Director of Architecture for Disney working on RFID bands for parks and implementing and scaling new, innovative products across properties like ESPN, ABC, Disney Online, Pixar, Club Penguin and others. David co-founded blabpredicts.com and is an adviser to Voicebox, Donorschoose.org and others. He has a true passion for startups, mentoring many entrepreneurs across a broad spectrum including technology, fashion, philanthropy/non-profit and biotech. He is excited to extend that reach through Idea Orchard.


Mike is responsible for new revenue growth and development. He is customer-focused, results-driven professional with over 20 years of developing and managing accounts. Prior to BThere, he was VP of Development at Dogtopia, a national dog care franchise. As the franchisor, he led all efforts in new franchise sales as well as real estate and construction management of new store openings. Mike has also held sales management positions for global companies Medtronic and UUNET. 


As a retired Air Force Officer and a database software entrepreneur, Ron has had a vast array of experiences. Most recently, he was the Chief Marketing Officer of the Air National Guard working with ad agencies and writing copy for award winning commercials. As the Medical CIO, he helped usher in HIPAA compliance across the military and wrote software used nationwide to assist in medical compliance inspections. As the Chief Logistics Officer, he was in charge of deploying and sustaining all medical logistics response to the Hurricane Katrina relief effort., saving over 13,000 people. As a financial chief, he was responsible for the resources for over $1 billion of assets and over 25,000 people. As as civilian, he started numerous companies including one of the early database software consultancies in the 1990's, He holds a     BS Computer Science and an MBA with a concentrations in Software Management.

Interested in working with us? If you have a great idea or are interested in investing, give us a shout. 

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